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Designing your space

Often we hire interior designers getting fascinated by their work on instagram , houzz , facebook and other social media platforms. Can the social media pictures be replicated in our space as it is ? The answer is , No. Designing a space or even a dress should reflect your client’s personality. Like for pear shaped body its always recommended to go for A line skirts or dresses to bring out your asset i.e. the tiny waist of yours more beautifully. Like wise every space have to be balanced by bringing out its assets in best form. Designers uses furniture pieces , wall decor , plants , furnishing to bring balance in look all together. They make sure that the space is more functional and efficient in use than before. A space when designed should be functional to use for next minimum 5 to 7 yrs taking in consideration possible increase in people or use of that space and with furniture that can be used for next 10 years. This will include seeing for all storage options needed for future use.

Interior designers are the one who do have an eye for balancing aesthetics of a place with functionality. They work on the principle of creating a harmony in a space that each element present in that specific area goes along well with each other. The walls, furniture, doors, windows, wallpaper, decor , flooring , ceiling , furnishing and lighting. It should all go in harmony.

They also give a space its own character that also defines character of their client. Thus , a space looks appealing. Ever thought what really attracts a person towards a designer. How should we really choose a designer to design OUR SPACE. That I will post next time


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