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Design vs Reality ( part 1)

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Designers should have the leverage of free thinking and designing for a project. Sometimes clients come up with weird likings and demands. In that moment, you realize the theory and concept you have created after so much of deep thought and time have gone with a toss. All you can say is 'Yes ok as you like' and move on with the work as you are not able to convince them.

You know deep inside this will ruin your work image in market if people get to know. As few things are a complete No.

Being a beginner in the work, you still have to achieve a lot and cannot afford to lose on any project. You have to listen to your client thats the only politeness you can show.

Time will come when people will actually listen to you and let you do what you want without interference in terms of concepts. Just a matter of time.

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